विभिन्न 2011-12 समितियां
केन्द्रीय विद्यालय, खम्मम
प्रिंसिपल: एमआर. लालकृष्ण SASEENDRAN
1 TIME TABLE  Mr. Surya Prakash 3 Preparation of the time-table and Substitute Arrangement for the absent/leave
Mr. Pramod Kumar Sahu
Mr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra
2 EXAMINATION Secondary  3 Conducting and co coordinating FA/SA Exams.
Mr.Pramod Kumar Sahu
Mr.Pradeep Kumar Mishra
3 EXAMINATION CBSE Mrs.Padmavathi   Works associated with CBSE and other external Examination related.
4 C.C.A Secondary Mrs. Usha Rani 2 Co coordinating morning house wise assembly programme, Oraganising weekly CCA, procurement of CCA prizes.
CCA Primary Mr. Sunil Kumar
5 ADMISSION Mrs.Padmavathi 3 *All works related to admission. *Conducting Admission Test for Class IX. *Selection committee for all Classes on the basis of Admission result, Admission Guidelines,  Scrutiny of application forms, category priorities, waiting list, interview, verification of Transfer Certificates, Date of birth, Caste certificate etc.
Mr.Surya Prakash
Mr. PramodKumar Sahu
6 GAMES AND SPORTS Mr. Surya Prakash 2 All Sports related works/activities.
Mr. Mallaiah
7 DISCIPLINE Mr.Pradeep Kumar Mishra 3 Maintaining Discipline during prayer and in general
Mr. Jagdish Singh Sagar
Mr. Sunil Kumar
8 SCIENCE CLUB Mrs. Padmavathi 2 Organizing Science Club activities
Mr. Dayanidhi Naik
9 SCOUT AND GUIDE Scout Masters 2 Organizing Scout & Guides activities
Mr. Alok Jaiswal
Guide Captain
1.Ms.Sangita Devi
10 LITERARY CLUB and MAGAZINE PREPARATION Mr.Ramesh 4 Organizing reading Activities and literary activities, Book exhibition, Printing of Magazine ,Prospectus and other literary works
Ms. Inti Sravanti
Mrs. D. Rajeswari
Mrs. Parimala
11 MORNING ASSEMBLY CCA in charge and House Masters 4 Organizing morning assembly
Ganga House : Mr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra
Godavari House: Mr. Dayanidhi Naik
Krishna House:Mr. Jagdish
Yamuna House: Mr. Somabanta Sahu
12 Committee for Maintenance and Development of School Building. Mr. K. Surya Nagendram 4  
1.Beautification Mrs. Padmavathi Gardening, Plantation and its maintenance  & Painting and beatification of campus
2. Civil works Mrs. Usha Rani  
3.Electrical works Mrs. Usha Rani Reporting and supervising M&R works,Electrical,Civil, Furniture
4.House Keeping Mrs. Usha Rani Stock and distribution of cleaning materials and  Supervising the cleanness of class room,varanda,ground,toilets with the help of Group Ds,students etc
5. Security Mr. Pawan Kumar  
13 Furniture Mr. Surya Prakash 1 Stock maintaining,Maintaining class inventories and up keep 
14 EXCURSION Mr. K. Surya Nagendram 2 Organizing Excursion
Mr. Alok Jaiswal  
15 RAJA BHASHA Mr. Pawan Kumar 2 Organizing and communicating Rajyabhasha Programmes
Mr. Sunil Kumar
16 COORDINATOR FOR ART AND CRAFT Mrs. Usha Rani 1 Organizing and Co-Coordinating Arts & Craft activities
17 Functions and Celebrations Mrs. Padmavathi 2 Planning ,co coordinating, and organizing  important days,celebrations etc.
Mrs. Usha Rani
18 Parents and Teachers Association Mr. Surya Prakash 1 Planning organizing, counseling PTA meeting
19 Lost and Found Mr. K. Surya Nagendram 1 Collecting and handing over to the owner.
20 Teaching Aids Mr. Dayanidhi Naik 1 Maintaining stock, issuing and recording of the use of Teaching aids
21 PA System Mrs. Usha Rani 1 Making fitting and arrangement when and then it is required 
22 Guidance and Counselling Mr. Surya Prakash 1 Arranging programme  and counseling students 
23 Public Information Officer Mrs. Usha Rani 1 Important circulars should be brought to the notice of Teachers
24 First Aid Mr. Dayanidhi Naik 1 Providing aid in exigencies 
25 Staff Room Mr. K. Surya Nagendram 1 Maintaining staff room clean and systematically with the help of Group Ds and House keeping 
26 Library Secondary 2 Monitoring procurements of books, issuing books and use of books 
Mr. Alok Jaiswal
PRIMARY Collect books from library and maintain class library
Mr. K. Surya Nagendram
27 Quarter Maintenance Mr. K. Surya Nagendram 1 Maintaining quarters and its surrounding  
28 Minutes of the Meeting Mrs. Padmavathi 1 Writing the Minutes on the meeting
29 Computer In charge Mr.Pramod Kumar Sahu 1 Use and maintenance of Computers
30 Website Updating Mr.Pramod Kumar Sahu 2 Updating the website on regular basis
31 Junior Science Lab Mrs. Padmavathi 1 Maintaining stock and organizing activities for classes VI to IX