1. Welcome to the members of the PTA.

The members were welcomed by the Principal and warm greetings extended for the first General Body meeting of the Parent Teachers Association.

  1. Transfer & posting of regular teachers and appointment of Contractual Teachers for the session 2016-17.

The members were given the details of the transfer of teachers and posting of teachers on regular basis and on contractual basis after following due procedures as laid down by KVS. It was informed to the members that there are 23 contractual teachers working in the Vidyalaya and the number of regular teachers is---. The members were assured that the newly joined teachers will be trained internally by the Senior teachers and Principal to make them aware of KVS procedures and competent in curriculum transaction.

  1. Role of parents in improving the performance of children and need to monitor the activities of children.

The role of the parent in shaping the child is very important and challenging. It is necessary that the Parent talks to the child after reaching home from school to know what activities have been carried out in the school. It is also important that the parent monitors the activities of the child after schools hours, so that he/she does not involve in unnecessary issues and spends most of the time on studies.

  1. Grievance Redressal mechanism and cooperation of parents in smooth running of school.

The parents were informed about the grievance redressal mechanism developed/followed by the Vidyalaya. The parent needs to submit the grievance in writing to the Principal and receive an acknowledgement for the same. The parent will receive the reply/action taken report from the Principal within a week’s time.

  1. Effective use of student diary for communication between teachers & Principal and parents.

The members were briefed about the importance of communication between teachers and parents and the role of student diary in facilitating this communication. It was also informed to the parents that the diary contains lot of information about various activities in the Vidyalaya including admission process, promotion policy, holidays list, calendar of activities etc.

  1. Meeting the teachers on the last working day of every month between 12-30pm to 1-30pm and general visiting hours of the school from 10-00am 11-30am.

The members were informed that the Vidyalaya will conduct class wise parent teacher meetings on a regular basis apart from one General Body meeting in an academic year. Other than the scheduled meetings conducted, the parents may use the last working day of the month to meet the teachers. The visiting hours on the last working day will be between 12-15 pm to 1-30pm.

  1. Setting up PTA Executive Committee for effective monitoring of the functioning of the Vidyalaya.

It has been decided by the Vidyalaya to set up PTA Executive Body as per the guidelines of KVS. The Chairman, VMC will be nominating the members of the PTA Executive Body. The members interested to be nominated to the Executive Body of the Parent Teacher Association may submit their names to the Vidyalaya.

  1. Fee concession granted to the parents belonging to BPL.

The parents were informed about the fee concession given to the parents in the name of Below Poverty Line. The parents were asked to produce BPL card to get the fee concession and not the BPL certificate. As per the provisions of KVS and the directions of Govt of India BPL families have been given the facility fee concession. The Principal requested the parents not to misuse the provisions. It was also brought to the notice of the parents that the Vidyalaya is not in a position to take up all the activities that are normally going on in City KVs. Appointment of Doctor, Academic Counselor, Yoga teacher, Special Teacher for differently abled children could not be taken up. Various activities that are mandatory are not taken up in K V Khammam. Infrastructure development has taken a beating due to shortage of funds. It was appealed to the parents to pay the fee by those who afford it.

  1. Any other point with the permission of the Chair.

The parents have brought the following points to the notice of the Principal and requested the Principal to consider.

  1. Feasibility of running TSRTC Buses from city to the school in all important routes.

  2. Continuation of fee concession granted to the families having BPL certificates.

  3. The teachers may concentrate on the children sitting on the back benches, so that they will be able to do well in academics.

  4. Significance and effective use of PTA in smooth running of the Vidyalaya.

  5. Improving the faculty position by appointing regular teachers.

The Principal assured the parents that steps will be taken to see that the parents, children and public will be given due importance and improvement will be there in academic performance of the students.

  1. Vote of thanks.

The Principal proposed vote of thanks and appreciated parents for having come to the meeting eventhough it was raining heavily.